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Corporate Events

Corporate events are a PR exercise with the businesses aim of establishing a strong corporate image. Everything about….

Family Reunions

A family reunion is where members of an extended family congregate and celebrate their common lineage. These gatherings….

Graduation Party

When your child or a loved one graduates from high school, it is time to celebrate! Graduation parties are memorable moments….

Bridal Shower

There isn’t a better way to honor a bride-to-be than with a bridal shower. Next to the wedding ceremony it is one of the most….

Baby Shower

Baby showers are one of the most anticipated events for expecting parents. Expecting parents share the joy and excitement….


Baptism or christening is one of the most important events to welcome a new baby into the family faith. As a caring parent….

Anniversary Party

Anniversaries are as special as birthdays and each one is more special than the last one. It symbolizes the love and….

Wedding Venues in Houston TX

It is a well-known quote that “marriages are made in heaven and solemnized on earth”. When you raise the toast….

Retirement Party

One of you dear colleagues is about to retire, you and your friends are now planning to organize a retirement party to reflect….

Bachelor Party

Getting married soon? It’s time you rock and celebrate with friends at your bachelor’s party. We are one of the most….

Halloween Party

Halloween is that time of the year when, you enjoy with your friends. If you plan to throw a Halloween bash this year….

New Years Party

If you are about to host a New Year’s Party in Houston and searching for the perfect venue your search can end here….

Christmas Party

A Christmas party venues in Houston, TX offers you a great opportunity to celebrate with your friends and family but….

Holiday Party

Are you planning to organize a holiday party in Houston, TX? These holiday party can be tricky to organize but at Azul….

Birthday Party

Are you scouting for birthday party venues in Houston? You need not look any further as you have come to the….

Party Venues in Houston

Located less than seven miles from downtown, we are one of the most popular inexpensive private party venues in….

Houston Quinceanera

Quinceanera will forever be one of the most special and memorable events for a young lady in her lifetime. It is celebrated….