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Wedding Food Trend

3 Wedding Food Trend You Should Know About

When it comes to wedding trends, most of them have changed in the last year due to the pandemic. But one thing is remain unchanged. For any wedding, food is an important part, perhaps the part that all the guests look forward to having. So, the trends with food will play a vital role in your wedding.

Catering at One of the Best Wedding Venues in Houston

Azul Reception Hall is one of the best wedding venues in Houston offering the banquet for planning your wedding. When you are looking for wedding halls near me, Azul Reception Hall should be at the top of their list. Our in-house services including music and fun will make your wedding memorable. Now, if you are looking for food trends so that our in-house caterers can present them well, here you go! Take a look at the following points to know more.

Plant Based Menu

You might not believe but more and more people are turning to vegan food habit. And that is couples are requesting to have vegan and vegetarian alternatives in their wedding menu so that all guests can be happy. So, when you are planning your menu, keep this dominating trend in mind. We are one of the most affordable wedding venues in Houston with a specialized team of chefs and caterers who can give you the best menu in the city.

Late Night Snack

Well, who will retire for the night early you think? Of course, the celebration of your wedding will go on till late, hours after your dinner. Now, after the dance and the numerous toasts, don’t you think that you and your guests will need some late night snacks? Talk to our caterers and they will tailor the perfect menu for you.

Individual Serving

Individual serving has become the new norm since the outbreak of the pandemic. It is natural to feel wary about using the same plates, cutlery, getting food from the same pots and pans when the virus is spreading dangerously. That is why our caterers will ensure that you get individual serving for each guest. This way, the social distancing norm can be maintained at your wedding.

So, what are you waiting for? When you are looking for banquet halls in Houston, come to Azul Reception Hall. Talk to our caterers and they will follow the most popular trends for food at weddings. Dial 713.867.8900 for more details.

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