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4 Must-Haves for A Memorable High Tea Party

Planning a high tea party is indeed a rewarding experience and offers you an excellent opportunity to entertain your friends. But honoring the occasion properly can be a real headache. Initially, it seems fulfilling the wishes of those obsessed with the idea of high tea but the genuine pain point is to treat your invitees satisfactorily.

So, whether you are treating some people from the corporate world at your high tea party or your friends, you have come to the right place. At Azul Reception Hall, one of the best private party venues in Houston, we offer you a convincing way of celebrating the occasion. We offer affordable facilities in our venue and help you turn the special day into lifetime memories. From weddings to private parties, we have a fullrange of services to cater to your needs.

Here are four key elements you should not miss when organizing a high tea party

4 Essentials to celebrate a high tea party

1. Good-quality food

Good-quality food

Like for any other party, there’s nothing compared to good food and we have earned a reputation for good quality catering services. So, when you book party venues in Houston TX, remember that we prepare the tastiest treats and the onus goes to our expert chefs. So, get it all under one roof from savories, and sandwiches to pastries when you choose our venue for the celebrations.

2. The beauty of the venue

The beauty of the venue

When searching for party halls in Houston, do not miss to sneak into our bespoke services. From mind-blowing decorations and designs for your high tea party to videographers and photographers clicking the special moments, we care for everything. We will help you design an unforgettable high tea occasion and exceed all your expectations.

3. Display of food and beverages

Display of food and beverages

While you arrange for the best treats to serve at the party, do not overlook the kind of display of foods and beverages you desire. Make sure the savory treats come first in the display as guests prefer eating them before anything else. Baked items like cakes and pastries need to follow the savories. The quiches should remain in optimum heat before being served to the guests. As one of the most experienced reception halls in Houston TX, we have been serving for a long and ensure that nothing goes wrong when displaying the food items.

4. Exceptional services

Exceptional services

There is no denying that exceptional services are pride for every occasion. We lend unexpected touches to every party in our venue. No wonder we are also a renowned anniversary party venue in Houston TX as well.

Are you wondering how to cater to your guests at the high tea party?  You may begin with a beautiful handwritten invitation and we will handle the rest. Just let us know the timings of the party and be ready to experience a pleasant gathering. We are also among the best-known birthday party venues Houston, so you can rely on us for an extravagant occasion. Email your booking date to or call us at 713.867.8900 for more info today.

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