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Tips to Plan Your Own Baby Shower for Twins

So, are you planning a baby shower for twins?  The arrival of a child in the family creates sheer euphoria and the birth of twins will double the fun. But are you struggling to plan the baby shower and can’t figure out the perfect twin baby shower ideas?

You might also be searching for a perfect venue for the occasion. So, there you are at Azul Reception Hall! We are among the best baby shower venues in Houston offering an umbrella of services to help you double the fun. Ideally, you need to plan the baby shower at least six weeks in advance so that you can relax for the rest of the time until the arrival of the babies. Its 2024 and its completely okay to host your own baby shower.

Here is How You Need to Plan the Arrival of Twins and Have a Razzmatazz in the Baby Shower

Consider the Timing

When planning the baby shower for your twin shenanigans, you need to keep in mind the time and date. Ideally, you should have eight weeks in hand till the date as twins often arrive earlier than expected. So, start ahead of time and search on google with ‘baby shower event planner near me’. Research places for baby shower near me so that you don’t miss the best and spacious venues that allows you to have a perfect time with your loved ones.

Reveal the Gender (or not)

Do you want to reveal the gender of the babies or want to keep the theme gender-neutral? There may just be slight differences in planning but wither ways, we will help you have some quirky and fun twins baby shower invitations, themes and games for you to enjoy.

Pick the Location

One of the most important aspects of planning the baby shower is picking the right location. So, start exploring with small party venues in Houston as baby showers generally have limited guests. But if your guest list is going to be higher than usual, you can go ahead and look for spacious banquet halls as well. It’s hard to begin the rest of the planning if you are not sure about the venue.

Themes for the Occasion

You will get the opportunity to play with numerous baby shower themes for twins when planning the baby shower but you need to conclude quickly to get the materials needed for this purpose. Here are a few themes you can try:

Perfect Pair Theme

You should have double the fun and everything else when you are pregnant with twins. So, why don’t you have a double-themed occasion as well? Make everything in pair from colors for the decoration to food. So, you may have yellow and green as two shades and arrange for cheese and crackers for snacks and for everything you want to include in the party. It surely is a perfect theme to pick.

Two Peas in a Pod

Two peas in a pod is one of the sweetest themes to pick for the baby shower. Just make sure that you have green as the color for decoration and have peas as one of the major ingredients in the menu.

Planning the Menu

Menu planning should be a priority for baby showers. As an expecting mother you must often be sensitive to certain food items and are allergic to several ingredients. Be sure to check that when you plan the menu. As one of the venues for baby shower, we ensure that you have what you need to create a menu that suits the guests too.

In the end, you need to add some thoughtful touches to the occasion, so you may share your feelings through a nice speech and let others share how they felt about the occasion. At Azul Reception Hall, we offer full services to make your baby shower celebrations a grand success. Call (713) 867-8900 to share your baby shower plans and the date soon.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Ideas to Swear By

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