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Are You Planning A Kid-Friendly Wedding? Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you tempted to make your wedding reception fun for kinds as well as adults Children are a source of joy and not having them in the party is like missing the elements of happiness. The little ones bring effortless fun and joy to make the occasion special.

But arranging a kid-friendly reception in the banquet halls in Houston is not just about arranging a table and a few chairs. Searching for ideas? You are in the right place! At Azul Reception Hall, we take pride in turning the occasions that you will take pride in and have memories of a lifetime.

Here is how to make your wedding reception a kid-friendly affair and be a part of a distinctive trend:

customize the menu

1. Customize the Menu

If there is one thing that we love about weddings is the opportunity to savor good food. So, if you have an elegant meal preparation for the adults and customize the menu for the little attendees. Add French fries, cheese macaroni, chicken tenders, and ice-creams and cupcakes for dessert and see them giggle.

We drool over the tastiest meals for our guests and making it kid-friendly with yummy dishes would be an honor for us. So, if you are already exploring banquet halls for rent near me prices, make sure to drop by for exclusive deals.

table for kids

2. Table for Kids

If you have a few little ones on the guest list, arrange for kids’ tables to allow them to flock together and enjoy being with the same age. So, put a table for them and make it one of the centerpieces of the ceremony. Designing the table with treats, candies, and toys would allow the children to have lots of fun. However, if you have toddlers on the list, you may need a separate arrangement.

set up a play area

3. Set Up a Play Area

There is no denying that children need dedicated spaces to enjoy playing and having fun and your wedding reception is no exception. While the adult guests should have space to mingle with each other, children need to have a small play zone in one corner of the venue. Arrange for activities to engage the little ones and keep them happy throughout the occasion.

request for songs

4. Request for Songs

Well, you may not allow children to dominate the space in affordable banquet halls but have a music arrangement to entertain them. Having the children bounce around to their favorite tracks would be a lot more entertaining than keeping the occasion limited to adults.

Finally, don’t forget to arrange for party favors to make the little ones super-excited. It could be simple giveaways like goodie bags containing candies, cookie boxes, or small toys.

At Azul Reception Hall, we make all-in-one arrangements under the same roof. So, if you are planning to give a grand welcome to the little guests at the party, spend some time to create an inclusive plan. We are also among the best and inexpensive baby shower venues in Houston. So trust us if you are ready to celebrate with the young ones in your wedding occasion. Call 713.867.8900 to discuss your plans with us and create magical moments with the little ones in the wedding reception.

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