Throw a successful Co-ed Baby Shower with Azul Reception Hall

baby shower venues in Houston

Baby showers have been for a long time a celebration that traditionally involves the mother along with her close friends who celebrate the coming of the baby. And there has been no question asked as to where the father is in all this? And everything was fine all the same. However, with time many people have brought in fathers in this occasion. After all, the baby is as much of the father as of the mother. And this is how co-ed baby showers came into being.

Choosing a theme for a co-ed baby shower will now involve both the mother and the father. This naturally brings in more options, be it for the number of guests, the décor and the catering. However, with Azul Reception Hall, one of the best reception halls in Houston, you can stop worrying about it all.

Here’s what makes Azul Reception Hall perfect for a co-ed baby-shower:

  1. Number of guests: Certainly more guests will be coming over since now the father is also involved. For example, his colleagues from work. But, that won’t be a problem because Azul Reception Hall, one of the most popular baby shower venues in Houston, offers a spacious 9,500 sq. feet floor space that can accommodate upto 350 guests. There is also plenty of parking space for the guests too.
  2. Decoration: This is very important for a baby shower and more often involves bright colors and décor. Azul Reception Hall provides flowers, center pieces, lights to even table and chair linen to perfectly suit the theme of the occasion. Our team of skilled professionals will help you give the perfect shape to your baby shower.
  3. Catering:  The most important part of a baby shower is the cake. And Azul Reception Hall assures you the best cake for your baby shower. Moreover, we also have a varied range of cuisines including Mexican, Chinese, Italian, South American and Asian. While the cake adds the perfect baby-shower-touch, the food takes care of the taste of the guests perfectly.

Azul Reception Hall has also garnered the popularity of one of the best private party and Birthday Party halls in Houston offering entertainment like DJ, dance floor lights, jugglers, magicians, and can arrange for different fun games too. Turn your co-ed baby shower successful with Azul Reception Hall. To know more, visit or dial 713.867.8900.

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