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Serving Style Guide for Your Wedding Reception

The food you serve at your wedding reception defines the grandeur of the occasion. Do you know the reason? It could be that among all the arrangements of your wedding reception, food, and decor are what the guests remember the most. As far as the serving style is concerned, a lot depends on the menu and the cuisines you prefer to offer to the guests.

If you are tying the knot soon and planning to host a grand reception, you have come to the right destination. Azul Reception Hall is one of the best reception halls in Houston TX known for offering the best catering services to guests. Not only weddings, but we also host different kinds of events and occasions. Thanks to the spacious banquet halls. They aid in beautiful gatherings comprising friends and families.

But if you are confused about picking the serving style for your guests, read here to make an informed decision.

Create a food station

  • Create a food station

A food station is what our experts recommend if you are not keen to go the formal way. Just make sure you serve a small portion of the meal in different stations located throughout the banquet. But small party halls in Houston may not be a perfect fit for food stations and are best for private events where the guest count is low.

Buffet style

  • Buffet style

The buffet style is among the most popular serving options to choose from. As one of the best-known reception halls for rental near me, we have staff to cater to the guests in case you choose the buffet serving style. It is a more organized way of serving dinner to your guests and allows them to get along with each other. Be mindful that you need a medium or large-sized hall to lay down the buffet.

Family serving style

  • Family serving style

With evolving wedding reception trends, the serving style too has undergone several changes. The family serving style has caught steam in recent years and has been a big hit for wedding receptions. Wondering what it is all about? Here, we place the food platters on the table, much like serving dinner at home. You can also keep the utensils adjacent to the platter for guests to serve each other.

Plated serving style

  • Plated serving style

The plated style is the traditional way of serving wedding reception meals to guests. Usually, there are three courses of meal to be served to the guests and the most expensive one as well. We are also among the affordable reception halls in Houston TX and let you balance the expenses for the wedding reception arrangements.

No matter how elaborately or simply you are trying to plan your wedding reception, the venue, and the serving styles are two of the most important aspects for the guests to remember. The serving styles listed above can help you decide on the venue and the menu quickly to make your arrangements seamless. Call (713) 867-8900 to speak to us about the booking schedules and fix the serving style soon.


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