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Distinctive Trends That Redefine Weddings

5 Distinctive Trends That Redefine Weddings in 2022

Weddings in 2022 have taken massive turns in terms of formalities, ceremonies and guest list. Adding personalized touches, breaking the monotony of formalities and getting inspired by the vintage are the latest trends. What should you do to make your wedding stand out? Read more to find out.

Wedding Card updateFocusing on little details:

Unique personalizations, small detail that talks about you and your partner, and tells your story are far more valuable. This makes the experience memorable for you as well as your invitees. You can curate cards where fun facts about you and your partners would be mentioned. E-cards are really fashionable these days with caricatures of the couple.

Incorporating luxuriesIncorporating luxuries:

Many couples would rather have an intimate wedding than have a big show with hundreds of guests. This way, you can focus on what is really important. OTT series like Bridgerton and The Crown have redefined opulence at weddings. Couples are gradually shifting from big formal weddings with mandatory arrangements to posh arrangements with personal touches. If you are looking for banquet rooms near me”, the facilities at Azul reception hall will appeal you in so many ways.

Tell your tale through foodTell your tale through food:

Food is an integral part at weddings. Curate cuisine that means something special to you. The first drink you shared together, vacation must-have cuisines, favorite restaurant dishes that holds special place in your hearts. This will have an enduring impression on your guests. Reception halls in Houston like Azul reception hall have Mexican, Italian, Continental, Asian cuisines to offer. To know more about our pricing and packages, visit

Shift from white weddingShift from white wedding:

Who says weddings need to be all white? Choose black themed wedding if you want. Instead of the traditional ivory gown, choose sleek black dress and minimalist diamond accessories. Bohemian wedding trends have also been lately in high fashion. Book affordable wedding venues and ornament it with vivid colors, exceptional patterns and create a vibe that speaks of you and your partner.

Vintage engagement ringsVintage engagement rings:

The ancient charm of love, romance and magic is making a comeback through vintage engagement rings. Delicate filigree, classic cuts in diamonds, colored stones and art movement inspired rings are in vogue.

Irrespective of the trends, your weddings need to be a special affair for you and your partner. Make it however you wish, in whatever way suits best for you. We can help you curate it accordingly. For budget friendly weddings, call 713.867.8900 today.

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