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Planning Christmas Wedding

4 Tips to Plan the Ultimate Christmas Wedding

So finally, you have planned to get hitched this Christmas! Congratulation on that! In a festive season, planning a wedding can be really exciting. And if you are willing to bring in the Christmas vibe to your wedding, then you need to know how you can do that.

At Azul Reception Hall, we can plan your wedding on Christmas perfectly. We are one of the best wedding venues in Houston that can pull off any plan you intend. And when it comes to a Christmas wedding, we are your best bet. We not only arrange the wedding, we take care of the fun and entertainment too. Now, take a look at the following points to know how we can plan it for you.

Set the Scene

Green and white are the colors of Christmas and that is why you can incorporate them in your wedding decoration. Using white drapes and linen with green garlands for hanging can be perfect for setting the scene. This decoration will look grand and will remind everyone about the time of the year.

Deck Up the Alter and Aisle

For the wedding ceremony, decorating the altar and the aisle are very important. And that is why you can bring in the spirit of Christmas with small Christmas trees. Our team of in-house decoration will help you create the perfect look with the decorated trees all along the aisle and in alter. The look will become ethereal with the amazing lights and colors. We are the best reception halls in Houston TX that can do this kind of decoration for your wedding. You can trust us completely with your ideas.

Add Jingle Bells and String Lights

When you think of Christmas decorations, what comes to your mind? The golden jingle bells and the string lights will be the perfect items to make the place look gorgeous. Our team will be able to pull this off perfectly.

Send Guests Home with Treat

You can add a very personal touch to your Christmas wedding with some returning favors. Create small jugs of eggnog and cakes that the guests can take back home. Also, our in-house DJ can compile the perfect playlist for Christmas weddings too.

So, now as you know how you can plan your Christmas wedding at one of the best affordable wedding venues in Houston, use these plans and make your wedding grander. To book one of the best wedding reception venues, dial 713.867.8900 now.

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