3 Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes to Choose From

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When you are all set to welcome your baby in the world, you surely deserve a baby shower. So, when your friends or sisters or the future godmother is planning to throw a baby shower, you can certainly let them know what you want. These days, modern moms make sure of what they want at the party. And if you are a modern mommy, then you will love gender-neutral baby showers. And Azul Reception Hall is the best place for this.

Azul Reception Hall – the Best of All Baby Shower Venues in Houston

Many parents prefer to ask the doctor about the gender of the baby. And then there are those parents who love some surprise element. And if you are one of the latter types, then having a gender neutral baby shower is the best idea. And when you are looking for the best baby shower venues in Houston, we, Azul Reception Hall, can be your best option. We have successfully planned a sweet and memorable baby shower in the past.

So, what themes you have chosen while looking for a baby shower hall near me? Take a look.

  • Amalfi Coat Themed Baby Shower

This is a perfect theme if you want to make your baby shower look gorgeous and sunny. The theme is suitable for summer and fall. The colors with the predominance of white, blue and lemon yellow will surely create a grand look while it will be elegant too. Ask the decorators of baby shower banquet hall to use suitable flowers and leaves in decoration.

  • Born to be Wild Baby Shower

This is a really great one if the parents are also bold and travel junkies. The theme is jungle-based. So, our decorator will use lots of greenery and earthy tones in the décor. Small figurines of cute animals can adorn the tables while you can all dig in some farm fresh and freshly baked food and cakes.

  • Backyard Garden Theme

Azul Reception Hall has a beautiful yard that you can use for the baby shower. This event is meant to be intimate and fun while leisurely and comfortable for the mom. And that is why this can be a great theme. Choose white and blue for colors and copper cutlery instead of silver.

Come to us when you are searching for the best party venues in Houston for baby shower. For more details, dial 713.867.8900 now.

Azul Reception Hall – The Best of All Reception Halls in Houston TX

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