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Wedding Like Fairytale

Once Upon a Wedding: Fairytale Inspiration for Your Big Day

Fairytales are as magical as falling in love and as a couple, you may have started dreaming about a magical fairytale wedding for years. So, do you get a pumpkin ride, a few themed desserts, and call it a day? Well, not really.

Similar to how the best fairy tales were written by creative authors, the best fairytale-themed weddings need to be planned and executed properly. Since you’ll go big on decor, how about saving your budget this time with an affordable wedding venue in Houston, TX – Azul Reception Hall! Rest assured, we can be the perfect wedding venue you are looking for. We are just a few miles from downtown Houston and help you organize your dream wedding without exceeding the budget.

Innovative Ideas for Your Fairytale Wedding Theme:

1. Choose the Right Theme

There are a million fairytale themes you can choose from for your wedding. From a theme that makes you travel back in time to the medieval era to an enchanting Disney theme wedding, choose one that fits budget friendly wedding venues in Houston

For instance, if you want convenience for both you and your guests, you want to organize the wedding in an urban setting. Woodland and castle-based themes aren’t really feasible in the middle of the city. However, we can hook you up with the best decor to mimic the fantasy setting you are going for, all while keeping the decorations affordable.

2. Be Dramatic With the Wedding Gown

Have you seen a Disney princess or a fairytale protagonist who doesn’t have over-the-top dresses and gowns? All of them have flowy and elaborate dresses that can easily double as wedding gowns, with a few tweaks. You can rent an elaborate gown or get it custom-made to match the theme.

You can be creative with it as well. For instance, if you have a Rapunzel-themed wedding, you can have hair extensions that match the gown’s color. This creates an illusion that your wavy locks are reaching and spreading across the floor. You can wow all your guests by making the banquet hall in Houston, TX have flooring decor that extends the illusion even further. 

3. Choose an Appropriate Cake 

When it comes to the wedding cake, you can be subtle with a white cake that shows off its elegance through textures, accents, and an attractive topper. Otherwise, be as whimsical as you want to be with a customized over-the-top cake. A towering castle of cake or a stack of treasure chest-shaped cakes sounds incredible. As anall inclusive wedding venue in Houston, we have teamed up with the best and well-known bakers and cake designers in Houston to meet your demand.

When you look for banquet halls near me, choose Azul Reception Hall. We have all the ingredients to make your wedding reception unforgettable. Inquire about our packages here or simply write to us at with your requirements. 

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