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Impressive Christmas Party Venue Food Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Holiday parties are all about indulging, sharing, and celebrating the spirit of the season. From meeting your special people under the branch of a certain tree to drinking with your best buds, there are several things you do to make the Christmas party special. Food is a big part of any celebration.

That’s why you need to choose the food items carefully for your Christmas party. If you’re looking for a great venue to throw an amazing company Christmas party, Azul Reception Hall is one of the best Christmas party venues in Houston, TX

Food concepts for throwing an impressive Christmas party in Houston:

1. Appetizers

  • Nuts full of flavor

The holiday season comes packed with romantic seasonings and emotional spices. You can also add to that by offering your guests nutty appetizers that are nothing short of a culinary treat. Roast different types of seasonal nuts with your favorite herbs and toss them in a blend of chili powder, brown sugar, and cinnamon.

  • Hummus

This traditional Middle Eastern dip can be an amazing Christmas treat. The chickpea-based dish is rich in flavor, and creamy and can be paired with anything from bread to chopped tiny veggies. One of the compelling reasons to select Azul Reception Hall is that our preferred caterers have the expertise to craft any dish you desire and assist you in hosting a spectacular event.

  • Caramelized onion tarts

Onions and apples sliced and baked in the oven over crispy puff pastry. The simple yet prominent flavors of this tart are guaranteed to blow your guests away.

As an affordable party venue in Houston, our packages include catering services that will handle all the heavy lifting to send your guests happy and impressed.

2. Lunch

  • Roasted Turkey

Turkey isn’t just the star of the show during Thanksgiving, but can also shine at Christmas parties. This classic dish is easy to make and a favorite since every bite brings you pleasant holiday memories.

  • Honey-Ginger Lamb

Bone in ham that’s cooked to perfection with a golden crispy skin glazed with a honey ginger sauce. It would undoubtedly be a star at the lunch buffet.

  • Cheese Risotto

While a classic cheesy risotto seems far from a vegan option, our venue’s skilled caterers can craft a beloved vegan twist using creamy mushrooms, vegan parmesan, and plant-based butter.

When you choose our party venue in Houston, we make sure to take care of all your needs, including the after-party cleaning.

3. Dinner

  • Prime Smoked Brisket

Smoky and moist cuts of prime rib will impress your guests without fail.

  • A Colorful Vegan Salad

To soak up and wash down the juicy brisket, add a vegan salad with different types of veggies to add a splash of color. Want to make it more exciting? Use a miso-based dressing to give it a unique flair.     

Choose Azul Reception Hall as your Houston Christmas party venue and create magical memories while serving great food to your guests. Get in touch with us today by dialing 713.867.8900 or click here to learn more about our packages.   

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