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Wedding in Houston

3 Ways to Add Fun and Music to Your Wedding in Houston

Planning your wedding is not just about the ceremony where you are exchanging vows and getting blessings from everyone present. Your guests are coming to your wedding to be a part of your celebration. They want to have fun at the beginning of your new journey with the love of your life. So, if you are planning your wedding, you have to make sure that you have planned for the right kind of celebration where there will be fun and music.

party venues in Houston

Party Venues in Houston with Entertainment

Azul Reception Hall, the most reputed of all party venues in Houston offers amazing in-house entertainment for celebrations that will take the breath away of all your guests and will make sure that they even become unforgettable. So, when you are looking for a party hall near me in Houston, come to Azul Reception Hall. We are popular in town for our amazing way of entertaining guests.

How we will entertain your guests? Take a look.

The  Touch of Folk Culture

The Touch of Folk Culture

Azul Reception Hall brings the folk music of Mexico, Mariachi to the heart of Texas. So, when you are planning to add more music to your frolic, let our Mariachi band play for you. They can play at the time you walk down the aisle. It will be remarkable moments surely captured for Instagram Reels. We are one of the few party halls in Houston that can arrange this for you.

The Fun of DJ Night

The Fun of DJ Night

Azul Reception Hall offers an in-house DJ. So, if you have a playlist full of popular songs, then share that with our DJ. He will play this for the whole night when your guests and you with your spouse can dance it out for the whole night and enjoy those amazing songs that probably come with so many memories with them.

The Best Dance Floor In Town

The Best Dance Floor In Town Azul Reception Hall brings you the best dance floor in town. We know when the ceremony is over the DJ and wedding band are making your feet tapping with the beats, you and your guests will hardly be able to control themselves. And that is why we give you the dance floor with lights to groove with the music for the whole night. So dance it out like there is no tomorrow.

So, when you are planning to enjoy more with your dance and music, come to us as we are the best venue for you. Not only weddings, we are also the best of all anniversary and birthday party venues in Houston too. For more details on our package, dial 713.867.8900 now.

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