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Bridal Shower 101- What to Plan and How?

A wedding is a special event of your life of course. But so is the bridal shower. When you are about to get hitched, there are many events planned prior to the main eventi.e. the wedding. The bridal shower is one such event. And when you are planning this event, you need to come to Azul Reception Hall as we are one of the most popular party venues in Houston, offering spacious accommodation and our top-notch services with in-house entertainment for your cute bridal shower party. Bridal Shower Venue and More

When it comes to a bridal shower, there are many things that you need to know. While Made of Honor where Patrick Dempsey planned a perfect bridal shower for the woman he loved, that is not how it is supposed to be. It should be rather like Friends where Phoebe and Rachel planned the bridal shower for Monica. So, when you are booking us as your bridal shower venue, you need to know about the bridal shower etiquette too. Take a look.

Bridal Shower Planning
  • Who Throws the Bridal Shower

Traditionally, the maid of honor, and the bridesmaids and the closest friends of the bride throw the bridal shower. Mother, mother-in-law or any relative should steer clear out of the arrangement as it will be like that they are directly asking for gifts. The bridesmaids pay for the party. So, if you are planning to do it on budget and are looking for an inexpensive bridal shower venue in Houston, we are your best option.

  • The Time of the Party

Ideally, bridal showers are planned for two months to two weeks of the wedding. As the bride has many responsibilities like sending invites, booking venue for the wedding, planning everything for the wedding and shopping, it is necessary that the bridesmaids and maid of honor plan the date of the shower beforehand and as per the bride’s schedule.

  • What Happens at the Bridal Shower

When you are planning a bridal shower, food and drinks will be there. And we will be taking care of it. Apart from that, depending on the taste of the bride, you can plan many games and activities like spa session, calligraphy lesson or opening gifts. You can also get a tarot card reader to see how the future will be like.

So, when you are looking for the bridal shower venues near me, come to Azul Reception Hall. We can be the perfect partner in planning this event for the would-be bride. For more details, call 713.867.8900 now.

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