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engaging baby shower games

Engaging Baby Shower Games That Truly Amuse Your Attendees

Whether you’re trying to welcome a new life for the first time or announcing the arrival of an adorable sibling for your child, baby showers are significant events for every couple. You invite your close friends and family and want them to actually enjoy the event while they join in on your special day. 

Apart from curating a great menu, a unique party theme, and every other element of planning a baby shower for your twins, it’s important to plan out games that your guests would actually enjoy. If you are looking for an amazing baby shower venue in Houston that can accommodate all your needs, choose Azul Reception Hall. We have all-inclusive packages that include catering and entertainment services for a seamless experience.

Fun baby shower games that are favorites among banquet halls in Houston:

1. Blind Diaper Change

Real men don’t just change tires, but diapers as well. When you are woken up by your crying baby in the middle of the night and find them with a soiled diaper, you need to change it as quickly as possible with limited visibility and get back to sleep. Consider this game as training for those inevitable moments.

Challenge your partner to this funny baby doll diaper-changing game. It’s all about having a laugh, and it’s sure to get everyone smiling. This game is designed to be hilarious and lighten up the mood while encouraging everyone in the crowd to participate. Choose Azul Reception Hall as your inexpensive baby shower venue in Houston to throw a grand celebration without breaking the bank.

2. Emoji Anagrams

Is your guest list full of millennials? Then this game is perfect for them. It’s a modern twist to the classic Anagram game. Instead of words, a bunch of emojis must be rearranged to form a coherent sentence. Print out emoji anagrams on paper and pass them on to the guests along with a pen. Make them guess the baby-related phrases and fill out the answer sheets. Whoever solves the most anagrams wins the game. Azul Reception Hall is a premier Houston banquet hall with affordable prices that can help you throw a baby shower while staying on budget. 

3. Race while Pregnant

Don’t imagine pregnant ladies sprinting on a race track to win. Instead, this game gives everyone a taste of pregnancy while having a good laugh. Get some pretend baby weights ready – think water-filled balloons, backpacks, or just some heavy stuff to make fake baby weights for all the folks joining in. Make them wear the weights and race with the weight to make your guests have an absolute banger time. 

A typical baby shower lasts for a few hours and these games would be a small yet unforgettable window during that event. The rest lies in the selection of a great venue. The key to an exceptional celebration, however, lies in choosing the perfect venue. Azul Reception Hall emerges as a top choice for those seeking a baby shower venue near me. To explore our packages and learn more, contact us at 713.867.8900 or click here.  

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