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Wedding in the Time of COVID-19

5 Guest List Etiquettes for Your Houston Wedding in the Time of COVID-19

During such times when the COVID-19 pandemic is preventing us from getting together for any reason whatsoever, it becomes essential to follow the various norms that are provided in order to prevent the spread. And this is especially applicable during a wedding.

Azul Reception Hall, one of the most renowned reception halls in Houston, comprises of a staff that assures total safety while considering the planning and execution of your wedding. However, it always helps to know what to consider when planning your guest list.

Here are 5 Etiquettes that Your Guests Should Follow During the Pandemic:

  1. Talk to the authorities: This is naturally the first thing you should do. While looking for wedding venues in Texas, speak to the authorities and know about how they would go forward with the situation, keeping in mind the restrictions imposed by the government. A worthy venue coordinator will provide effective guest limitation suggestions.
  2. Make your guests aware sooner: The present times are changing by the day, and it is only natural to let your guests know that you are considering all options keeping their health and safety in mind. This way they will be able to feel more assured about the decision you finally take. The main reason to begin sooner is to provide them with time to see from your emotional viewpoint.
  3. Consider the number of guests arriving: While looking for banquet facilities Houston, finalize the number of guests arriving after you have found out about the accommodation of the particular wedding venue. Azul Reception Hall brags of a 9500 sq-ft area that can accommodate upto 350 guests easily. This will further help you decide how many guests to have based on social distancing.
  1. Know if they will provide pandemic essentials: It is mandatory to have masks and sanitizers for all as you would not want to risk getting infected or contributing towards the spread of the COVID-19. So, ask the hall staff if they provide these. They should.
  2. Go for packages: This is more of a catalyst towards helping you keeping the guest list in check. Many affordable wedding venues in Houston offer service packages based on what you want. Once you finalize it, it helps you to bar your second thoughts about adding more people to the list.

Azul Reception Hall, based within only 7 miles from the heart of Houston, is one of the most renowned reception halls in Houston offering state-of-the-art services including multicuisine catering, décor and entertainment along with valet parking, and security. To know more, visit or dial 713.867.8900 right away.

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