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4 Surprising Ways to Decorate a Small Wedding Venue

Have you been planning to host your wedding reception soon? If your guest list is not huge, you may search for a small reception hall to meet your needs. But decorating a small space comes with plenty of challenges. You have to be proactive and look for ways to make the hall look bigger than it is.

If you are worried about decorating a small space, choose Azul Reception Hall, a wedding reception venue with large and small banquet halls for wedding receptions of different sizes. We arrange all-inclusive wedding receptions In Houston and have a great deal of experience to make the occasion more manageable with perfect decoration ideas.

Here are ways to decorate a small wedding reception venue effortlessly.

Ways to decorate a small wedding reception hall

Cover the ceiling

You have heard about draperies and how they are used for decorating on different occasions. Take a similar approach during your wedding as well and make the venue look big. Use dazzling covers to drape the ceiling extensively and you are halfway through with the decoration. A grand-looking drapery does more than you can expect and bring things in perspective even if the venue is small. As one of the renowned wedding reception venues in Houston, we have recommended so many ways to our clients to decorate the hall.

Choose the color carefully

Even the best reception halls in Houston understand the significance of choosing colors to decorate the venue. So, you should get it right. When the venue you pick is small, try to go for lighter shades. That way, the hall will create an illusion of a bigger space, although it is not. Light blue, wooden brown, off-white, beige, and various other shades are appropriate for wedding venues. We can also help you choose décor objects to match the color of the hall.

Hang the floral arrangements

As one of the top wedding venues in Houston TX, we recommend hanging the floral arrangements from the ceiling to make the decoration look attractive. It makes the interiors lush without losing the perspective of the occasion. The hall also looks spacious yet intimate when you have flowers hanging from the ceiling.

Use tall decor objects on the table

Why don’t you arrange for tall décor objects to make the hall look spacious? Place them on the table to magnify the effect of illusion. For instance, tall flower vases on tables provide a perfect match with the small size of the venue. Discuss your perspectives with us for help.

Are you still thinking about how to decorate a small wedding venue? Azul Reception Hall is one of the most affordable wedding venues in Houston offering a full range of services to customers. So, you can save money for hiring the venue and spend more on intricate ways to make the small venue look marvelous on your wedding reception day. Email your requirements to for assistance regarding booking or decoration.

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