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Christmas party venues in Houston

3 Essentials for Your Houston Christmas Party Venue

The post-pandemic situation has made everyone cautious. People, although planning to celebrate, are not counting in many heads. Only what is needed is what matters. The same is the case with Christmas this year. However, Azul Reception Hall makes for the perfect choice here too.

While you might want to keep your requirements for the Christmas party to the minimum, there are some things that are essential. And there are only some Christmas party venues in Houston that take care of these factors. Among them, Azul Reception Hall is the best pick.

Here are 3 essentials for your Christmas party that Azul Reception Hall guarantees:

1. Christmas Décor

The colors are green, red, and white basically. These are the base colors to which you can choose for all other colors. At Azul Reception Hall, you get options for lights, table linen, chair covers, dinnerware, centerpieces, and flowers according to your choice of colors and themes.

2. Christmas Carols

This is certainly essential. However, at Azul Reception Hall, it is more than just that. Here, you get Sound Systems with mics, a dance floor with lights, projector screens, and also musical bands. This way you can have the band play Christmas Carols for you too. Not many Christmas party venues in Houston have this.

3. Food

Azul Reception Hall is one of the best Christmas and New Year party venues in Houston as far as food is concerned. While cakes, cookies, and chocolates are ample, you have lots of options for cuisines too. This includes Italian, Mexican, South American, Asian, Continental, Mediterranean, and more. You can also have custom cakes for the occasion. Azul Reception Hall has teamed up with the best cake designers and bakers in Houston, Texas.

Azul Reception Hall is one of the most renowned Christmas party venues in Houston that offers a 9500 sq. ft space that can accommodate up to 350 guests comfortably. It also has security measures like CCTV and multiple fire exit routes as well as emergency services on the go. So, to have the perfect Christmas party celebration, visit or dial 713.867.8900 right away.

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