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Bridal Shower Ideas

Super Exciting Bridal Shower Ideas for Your Gal Pal

Bridal showers are primarily the celebration of relationships. Generally, a sister or a best friend arranges for a bridal shower. A bride needs to enjoy perky days before she gets hitched. As a friend or a sister, you need to make sure to gift the soon-to-be bride a memorable day. There are several bridal shower venues Houston that you can book. But nothing compares to the spacious and opulent Azul Reception Hall to make this special event more cherishing and uniquely yours. So, the list below gives you ideas from traditional and modern ways of throwing the best bridal shower.

Beach Themed

This is a conventional party theme for bridal showers. But you can never throw a monotonous beach party. Beach theme showers give you a chance to make the bride-to-be special in more than one way. You get an array of choices in food, décor and beverages. You can go classy with fine wine, country music and natural themed party. Also, you can rave it up with a tropical theme by throwing vibrant green and coral shades to the décor; keeping a seafood menu and having some killer cocktails.

Paris Themed

Give your friend or sister a taste of Paris at her bridal shower party. Keep a classic French Café theme with freshly baked friend bakery items. Keep a lot of wine – both white and red and decorate the place with yellow and white fairy lights. Keep snow gloves of Paris as a centerpiece on tables. Get the cutest pastel cups for hot beverages also. You can keep DIY décor as a fun activity where both the bride and the guests would bring out their inner artists. And no need for an expensive venue to arrange a Paris Themed party. You can look out for inexpensive bridal shower venues near me to throw an innovative party.

Champagne Brunch

Houston has several affordable bridal shower venues to throw a Champagne Brunch. This theme is all about sipping cocktails while toasting the bride. You can even make it more interesting by hiring a bartender to guide you to some fun cocktails. Let the bride mix her drink while she hears praises from loved ones. Also, have towers of tasty appetizers that you will nibble on with your girl gang. Gossip away all brunch with Mimosa, Bloody Mary and drinks that not only you want but you mix.

Remember, the most important thing is to make the day memorable for the would-be bride. A fun and exciting day before the humdrum of a wedding is the best gift for a bride. So, there should never be a dull moment in a bridal shower. When looking for the best reception halls in Houston to reserve for your best friend or sister to help her make memories of a lifetime, Azul Reception Hall is your go-to option situated not far from the heart of the city Call us at (713) 867-8900 to get early bookings.

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